to support your body's natural functioning; creating vitality, balance, strength, resilience, and peaceful well being. 


My services can help with:

During Pregnancy:   ​

Morning Sickness

Heartburn and Digestive Upset

Lower Back and Pelvic Pain

Sciatic Pain

Anxiety and Depression


Insomnia and Sleep Problems

Low Energy

Edema and Swelling

Approaching Labor:   

Breech Baby

Delayed and Difficult Labor

Prepare for a smoother, less painful delivery

After Delivery:

Promote Lactation and Increase Supply


Postpartum Depression

Pain Management

Restoration of Energy

Individually Tailored Treatment

Healthy Pregnancy

Healthy Baby

Please consider that what is “common” is not always what is “normal”. There may be no need for you to carry some of these symptoms throughout your pregnancy.

I invite you to make an appointment for a complementary pulse and tongue diagnosis where we can discuss your questions and how acupuncture may serve you to have the healthy pregnancy and birth you desire.

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