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to support your body's natural functioning; creating vitality, balance, strength, resilience, and peaceful well being. 


My services can help with:

During Pregnancy:   ​

Morning Sickness

Heartburn and Digestive Upset

Lower Back and Pelvic Pain

Sciatic Pain

Anxiety and Depression


Insomnia and Sleep Problems

Low Energy

Edema and Swelling

Approaching Labor:   

Breech Baby

Delayed and Difficult Labor

Prepare for a smoother, less painful delivery

After Delivery:

Promote Lactation and Increase Supply


Postpartum Depression

Pain Management

Restoration of Energy

Individually Tailored Treatment

Healthy Pregnancy

Healthy Baby

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 4.37.25 PM.png

Please consider that what is “common” is not always what is “normal”. There may be no need for you to carry some of these symptoms throughout your pregnancy.

I invite you to make an appointment for a complementary pulse and tongue diagnosis where we can discuss your questions and how acupuncture may serve you to have the healthy pregnancy and birth you desire.

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