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I offer you these links to resources that might be of interest or help to you on your journey. From time to time I will update the list, so check back!

Website Acknowledgments
with deep gratitude:
Schools &
Teachers &
  • Miah Ariel: for the website design, in beauty and in function.

  • China Online Museum: for the wonderful resource on Chinese art and culture, and permission to use their art images.



Make a Difference 
The Environment,               Food, & Health


  • Michael Pollan: author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma, In Defense of Food, The Botany  of Desire, and more.


  • Arthur Michelson: author of Movement for Life: A Synthesis of Eastern & Western Approaches for Every Body


  • Pachamama Alliance: empowering indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest; education and inspiration for a sustainable world.


  • TED Talks:  fabulous resource of mini lectures from experts all over the world on a broad range of topics:


  • The Environmental Working Group: information, tools and resources regarding the environment and public health, including reports on cell phone radiation, cosmetic safety database, national water database, sunscreen safety guide, shopper’s guide to pesticides in produce, hidden chemicals in perfumes.



  • Native Seeds: conserving and distributing the biodiversity of seeds in the Southwest.

Other Resources
Practical Books



on understanding and incorporating the wisdom of Five Element traditions into your life:
while you search, explore, & shop:
  • Local Harvest: find local farmers, CSAs, and gardening classes.

  • Amazon Smile: donates a portion of the profits from your purchase to a cause of your choice, when you check out at

  • Ecosia: a web search engine, available as an extension on Safari and Google, that uses it's profits to plant trees around the world.

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