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Qigong exercises combine posture and gentle movements with the breath and focused intention to cultivate Qi or life force energy within the body. It leaves one feeling peaceful, alert, calm, centered, balanced and re-charged.


Qigong cultivation has been practiced for many thousands of years;  thousands of schools or varieties developed in five major qigong traditions: Taoist, Buddhist, Confucian, Martial and Medical. Some are more physical, some more focused on the cultivation of spirit.


Inner Radiance Qigong is a beautiful blend that integrates principles of Chinese Medical Qigong (organs & meridians), Martial Qigong (body alignment and movement), and Spiritual Qigong (mind, emotion, spirit).


Dava is a certified teacher of Inner Radiance Qigong and teaches both private and group classes.

Practiced in ancient and modern times, Medical Qigong is a comprehensive system of treatment that addresses the root cause of  symptoms while treating the whole person, restoring health and balance.


In a Medical Qigong treatment, the practitioner uses qi emission to move, clear blockages, balance and build the energy of their client. The organs, tissues, meridian pathways, chakras and energy fields are all addressed while the client lays comfortably fully clothed on the treatment table.  No needles are used.


Specific medical qigong exercises and meditation may be prescribed to enhance your healing.


Dava holds the degree of Doctorate in Medical Qigong. (D.M.Q.)

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